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16-Year-Old Girl Fatally Stabbed At School After Rejecting Prom Date Request

A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death at her Connecticut high school Friday just hours before the junior prom.

Police said a 16-year-old male student stabbed Maren Sanchez because she refused to go to junior prom with him, Reuters reported.

The stabbing occurred at Jonathan Law High School in Milford Friday morning.

"There was blood on her neck. It was awful," said another junior, 16-year-old Sam Garcia, as he walked home. "I saw the girl lying on the stretcher when they took her out."

Sanchez was pronounced dead at a local hospital around 7 a.m., according to Milford Police Chief Keith Mello.

The alleged attacker is now in custody.

Police are investigating claims that the assailant was upset because Sanchez turned down his request to go to prom.

“We’re not going under that assumption right now until we have information that confirms that. Anything is possible,” Mello said. “Our investigators are conducting a large number of interviews and looking at other measures as well to determine not just why this happened, but how it happened.”

The junior prom was scheduled to be held tonight at 7 p.m. in nearby Stratford. School officials announced they are rescheduling the event.

School was cancelled after the attack.

“This is a difficult day for Milford. It’s an even more difficult day for the Jonathan Law High School community,” Mello said. “Anytime there is a death, it’s tragic. It’s especially difficult when it’s a young person, like we see this morning.”

Sources: Reuters, CBS News York


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