16-Year-Old Boy Suffers Ruptured Testicle After Pat Down From Female Police Officer


Darrin Manning, 16, was stopped by police officers on his way to an after-school basketball game and claims he was assaulted by a female officer. She allegedly grabbed and pulled on his genitals, causing him to suffer a ruptured testicle.

"She patted me down again, and then I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that's when I heard something pop, like I felt it pop," Manning said.

Manning underwent emergency surgery the next day on his genitals, and may never be able to father children as a result of the injury.  

He had spent eight hours in jail after the attack without reporting an injury, according to police, notes the Daily Mail.

A straight-A sophomore at Mathematics, Civics, and Sciences Charter School, Manning never had any disciplinary problems prior to the day of the incident.

The police report claims Manning and his friends ran away from an approaching cop. When Manning stopped, Officer Thomas Purcell accosted him. The report states Manning struck the officer three times and ripped off his radio. Purcell then called for assistance.

After the altercation, Manning was handcuffed and patted down by a female officer who then allegedly caused his injury.

Manning is claiming he was a victim of police brutality, Fox 29 reports.  

"I didn't deserve to be wrongly stopped. They didn't -- they didn't tell me what I did," Manning said.

The charges against Manning include aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

His lawyer, attorney Lewis Small, said "It's such a tragedy to happen to, you know, a young man like this who's going to be scarred, whether it's physically scarred, which is a possibility, but certainly mentally scarred his entire life."

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that Manning and his mother, Ikea Coney, have not filed a complaint against the officer or department, nor have they spoken with the Internal Affairs division about the incident.

At this time, Manning still requires the use of a wheelchair.

The case has sparked an internal investigation by the Philadelphia police and one female officer has been removed from duty.


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