16-Year-Old Boy Almost Killed Over Nike Shoes in School


A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition after allegedly being attacked for a pair of Nike Air Force shoes that he was wearing.

Willie Wallace was reportedly attacked at the Allen Academy, a charter school with a “zero tolerance” policy against violence, in Detroit last Wednesday.

Wallace's injuries include a "seizure, fractured skull, bleeding in his brain, and damage to his chin, cheek and neck," reports CBS Detroit.

Wallace's mother Sylvia Simmons told the Detroit Free Press that a classmate sucker-punched her son in a school hallway "and then he rolled into the classroom and all these others jumped him."

A teacher tried to stop the attack, but it continued until Wallace was seriously injured.

“We are trying to get down to the bottom of the incident and what caused it and all of the surrounding circumstances,” Ivan Johnson, Allen Academy Board of Directors Vice President, told CBS Detroit.

“We enforce zero tolerance for this type of activity and altercations and violence," added Johnson. "We really promote the safety of our students in trying to create an atmosphere and environment for learning for all of our students to become successful adults and citizens.”

"He's not going back there, never again," Simmons told the Detroit Free Press. "We're doing either home-school or on-line schooling. They say Detroit public schools are bad, but these academies are worse."

Sources: Detroit Free Press, CBS Detroit (Image Credit: Minnesota Historical Society)


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