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16-Year-Old Arrested For Beating His Mother to Death With A Dumbbell

A 16-year-old boy was arrested after his 37-year-old mother was found dead in their Washington state home, and after initially saying that he discovered her dead when he got home from school, the teen has now admitted to beating her to death with a dumbbell.

Brad George initially played the part of a grieving son and said that he had no idea how the death happened. He was the one that called 911 and told police that it looked like someone had broken into their home.

“She has supported me my whole life. She always knew what was best for us. I don’t know who could have done this,” he said about his adopted mother Georgina Latshaw before being arrested. “This doesn’t feel real, this all feels fake.”

George had been adopted 10 years earlier by Latshaw and has reportedly suffered from mental illness for some time. Police realized that he may not be telling the truth when they discovered the dumbbell and bloodstained clothes in his bedroom.

The teenager is being held on $500,000 bail and will reportedly be charged as an adult for the murder.


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