16-Year-Old Ankita Lavender Fakes Her Own Abduction To Get Attention From Boyfriend (Video)

A Florida teenager created a huge mess for herself after faking her kidnapping and causing local police to issue a state Amber Alert.

16-year-old Ankita Lavender reportedly called her father on Tuesday and told him that she had been abducted by two men in a white truck. Her parents, obviously terrified, called 911 to report what their daughter told them.

During the call to 911, Lavender’s father was still on the phone with his daughter, and at one point, she told him that the men had stopped the car. The call immediately dropped, and Lavender’s parents became even more concerned.

Nearly four hours after Lavender first made the call to her father, the teen was found on the side of the road less than a mile from where she claimed she was taken. During that time, a Florida Amber Alert was issued and a massive search began. When initially questioned by police, Lavender insisted that she was in fact abducted, but upon further questioning, she revealed that she had made the story up to get attention from a boyfriend that broke up with her a couple of days prior.

“The young lady has, in fact, recanted her statement,” said Clay County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Craig Aldrich. “It [the hoax] cheapens or lessens the incident when it happens to a real victim.”

Lavender’s now defunct Twitter page shows her constant need for attention, as she has, in the past, threatened to “disappear.”

Now, authorities are suggesting that the 16-year-old be charged for the hoax abduction, claiming that the search cost the county around $6,000.

“My personal opinion is that she should be charged, but that's a matter for the state attorney's office,” said Aldrich.

If charges are filed, that information won’t be publicly released because of the fact that she is a minor.

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