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16 People Fall Ill On U.S. Airways Flight, Causing Plane To Make Emergency Landing

A flight from Israel to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing in Rome after two passengers and all the crewmembers suddenly got sick after some started smelling something foul.

According to reports, sixteen people total, including the two passengers and the 14 members of the U.S. Airways crew, began vomiting and had red eyes after a foul stench suddenly filled the plane. Although it’s not clear if the smell was directly related to the sickness that spread through the plane, all sixteen people were reportedly taken by ambulance to a medical facility in Rome.

“The aircraft, an Airbus A330 with 129 passengers, landed safely in Rome early Saturday morning and all passengers have been re-accommodated on other flights,” said a U.S. Airways spokesperson. “Two passengers and the crew were evaluated by medical personnel and have since been released.”

The Daily Mail reports that the foul smell was likely caused by a malfunction in the plane’s ventilation system.

Sources:Daily Mail, NBC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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