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16-Foot-Long Great White Shark Spotted Near Australian Beaches

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A 16-foot-long great white shark dubbed “Joan of Shark” was spotted near Australia’s most popular beaches recently, detected by a satellite monitoring system that warned residents to stay clear of the water.

The shark is the largest to ever be tagged in Australia.

On Tuesday, a picture of the shark was released. Researchers had flipped the shark on its back, which induced a state of tonic immobility, or sleep. Researchers were then able to perform a small surgery to implant an acoustic tag inside the shark’s gut cavity.

The shark was rolled back onto its stomach and immediately swam away.

"The shark came almost instantaneously back to life so she was quickly released," Mark Kleeman of the Department of Fisheries said.

Authorities believe the shark, and others that have recently been spotted, were attracted close to the coast because of the carcass of a humpback whale that died of natural causes. The carcass was removed in order to prevent a feeding frenzy.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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