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15-Year-Old Triston Stephens Shoots Self in School Bathroom

A 15-year-old Oklahoma boy killed himself in his school's bathroom yesterday morning with one shot to his head. 

Triston Stephens was in the ninth grade at Coweta Intermediate High School. He died around 8:35am, minutes after the first class of the day started. 

The suicide sent his school into a panic, leading it and other nearby schools to go into lockdown.

After the lockdown was over, ninth grade students went into the school's gymnasium while other students were sent home. 

Classes continue today as normal and guidance counselors will be on-site to help those struggling with the death. 

Authorities are not sure why Stephens killed himself, as he did not leave a note and other students don't believe he was bullied. 

Teachers described him as a "very fine young man" and are confused as to why he would take his own life. 

The superintendent said he did not believe he had been bullied, but during a press conference, other officials were vague. 

During a candlelight vigil for Stephens, many students were struggling with shock over his death.

"I am in shock," student Jaci Sappington said. "I am like shaking right now, it's so weird."

His peers planned a prayer circle Tuesday morning by tweeting about it. 

Authorities commended the school for their quick reaction to the tragedy. 

Coweta Police Lieutenant Donnie Krumsiek said faculty and staff had a "flawless" response.

He said they did a "tremendous job ensuring student safety."



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