Teen Student Gets Beat Up On School Bus, Driver Doesn't React (Video)

Video footage of a 15-year-old being brutally attacked on a school bus was uploaded to the internet recently. The reportedly unprovoked attack occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Delaware.

The bus was taking students home from Parkway Academy-Central when the footage started rolling. In the video, the victim can be heard defending himself before being beaten brutally.

According to a Facebook posting by the victim’s uncle, the bus driver allegedly did nothing while the student was beaten.

“The bus driver failed to intervene AT ALL. She didn’t stop the bus while the beating occurred. She didn’t call the police and file a report. She didn’t inform the administration that the beating occurred,” the victim’s uncle wrote.

Parkway Academy-Central has since released a press statement, noting that they are cooperating with Dover police and that the bus driver is currently on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Sources: BreitBart, Inquisitir


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