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Amish Girl Rachel Yoder Killed by Man Cleaning his Rifle

In Holmes County, Virginia, 15-year-old Rachel Yoder, was accidentally killed when Marion R. Yoder, fired a shot in the air while cleaning his rifle.

Even though the Yoders have the same last name, they are not related, but they are both Amish.

Rachel was reportedly driving home last December in a horse-drawn buggy, when she was struck by the bullet, about a mile away from Marion's home.

He was clearing his muzzle-loading rifle and fired a shot into the air.

Rachel's brother saw the horse and buggy circling and found his sister on the ground. Rachel died a day later.

Marion has been charged with a third-degree felony count and may face several years in jail, according to Holmes County prosecutor Steve Knowling.

A warrant for Marion's arrest will be processed in the next few days and he is expected to turn himself in.

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