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15-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School Because Her Shoes Weren't Shiny Enough

A 15-year-old girl was reportedly kicked out of school just a few months before she is scheduled to take a major exam because the shoes she wore to class weren’t shiny enough.

Jodie Dawes was reportedly sent home from Brownhills School in Walsall, West Midlands, in England, because she wore black velvet shoes that were not ‘polishable,’ reports the Daily Mail.

Jodie’s mother, Tina Curran, says she received a letter from the school before the Christmas break, and that it warned parents that their children would be sent home if they didn’t wear shiny shoes to school, but that she – and other parents – had already purchased shoes for their teens and couldn’t afford to replace them so soon.

“My daughter Jodie was targeted by one of the teachers as soon as she turned up last Monday,” Curran said. “Someone rang us to say that she was not properly dressed for school. She was allowed to stay, but said some children were sent home.”

Curran added: “But the next day she was sent home. I am going to get her some other shoes, but I’m not happy about it.”

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Curran says she is particularly concerned that her daughter was sent home and is missing class just months before she takes her GCSE’s.

Even though Curran says she and other moms have complained that it is too costly to replace their children’s shoes because of a change in the policy, Headteacher Helen Keenan stood by the school’s rule: “I'm not apologizing for our high standards. We have tried to apply the policy sensibly. We are not in the habit of sending people home unnecessarily. Only a couple were sent home to change their shoes or get it sorted."

She continued, “The problem is parents want to send their children to a good school, with good standards, but when it doesn't suit them some complain.”

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: Daily Mail courtesy of Newsteam


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