15-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Breaks Brand New Phone For Bizarre Reason (Photo)


Spoiled kids have been around since the beginning of time. The only difference between the whiny brats of today and the whiny brats of yesteryear is the fact that there are more ways to spoil them now. 

Recently, a Reddit user on the “Techsupportgore” subreddit posted the following photo with the message: “Work of a spoiled 15yo girl. Reason? She got it instead of an iPhone. Posted on her facebook to look cool I guess.”:

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Another reader summed up what the rest of us were thinking with this message: “Well I guess she gets to have no phone now. She will be the laughing stock of her circle now, as she is phoneless.”

Alas, that is not the case. According to the original poster: “Unfortunately, she already got her iphone. Wealthy parents tend to be a little dumb, I guess.”

Sound off in the comments section. What would you do if your 15-year-old child broke a brand new smartphone because they wanted a different model?

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Reddit


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