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15-Year-Old Girl Notices Something Odd In Her Bathroom, Notifies Authorities

A Pennsylvania man was taken into police custody, charged with planting a hidden camera in a 15-year-old girl’s bathroom. In an interview with police, the girl said the man had been sexually abusing her for at least four years.

The girl discovered the camera underneath the sink in her bathroom, reports While talking to police, the teen said 56-year-old Kevin Rebbie started watching her as she slept years ago, and between the ages of 9 and 13, the man would regularly sneak into her bedroom and molest her.

Authorities said they found 41 videos from the hidden camera, 34 of which contained footage of multiple young victims naked, showering and using the toilet. Some of the videos even showed close-up shots of children’s genitalia, reports Daily Mail.

“I think it's particularly horrific... and particularly for a young child when they think they're in the sanctity of their home, going through their teenage years, to be violated in the way that this young woman was violated it just goes beyond the boundaries of horrific,” Limerick Police Chief William Albany said. “It's just unfathomable.”

Rebbie is being held on $500,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court next week.

Sources: Daily MailPhilly.comThe Pottstown Mercury / Photo Sources: Montgomery County District Attorney's Office Via Daily Mail, Flickr

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