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15-Year-Old Girl Gets Plastic Surgery To Win Back Ex-Boyfriend, Ends Up Looking Like This (Photos)

A teenage girl in China became an Internet sensation after she posted photos of her face following plastic surgery she underwent, in an effort to win back her ex-boyfriend, reports Daily Mail.

Pictures of 15-year-old Lee Hee Danae began to spread on Weibo, a Chinese social media site — where she garnered more than 320,000 followers — which revealed her plastic, doll-like features following the procedure.

Keeping with a reportedly common trend among women in China, Mirror Online reports, Danae’s postsurgical results presented a narrower jaw line and a thinner, V-shaped face. According to a Chinese website, the teen underwent the drastic procedure so she could impress her ex-boyfriend.

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After the photos began to go viral, responses from people around the world subsequently followed. A large number of followers on her social media accounts deemed her “too beautiful to look at,” while others questioned whether or not the photos had been digitally altered.

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Do you think the 15-year-old went too far by getting such extreme surgery?

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