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15-Year-Old Girl Gets Body Slammed, Suffers Seizure (Video)

Thousands of online viewers have witnessed the footage of a 15-year-old girl having a seizure after a boy slams her to the ground (video below).

In the incident, which reportedly happened on Oct. 16 outside a house in Vallejo, California, Holly Wrixon and Morgan Johnson are seen arguing about a cell phone in a driveway surrounded by other teens.

After slapping Johnson, he grabs Wrixon and body-slams her onto the hard concrete. While Wrixon lay apparently unconscious on the ground, a female friend goes after Johnson, yelling and striking him with her fists.

Moments later, Wrixon begins convulsing, apparently as the result of a seizure. On Twitter, she explained that she did in fact suffer a seizure and was transported to the hospital.

While some on social media speculated that she has epilepsy, she insisted that is not the case. “Hi I don’t have epilepsy and I did have a seizure there and couldn’t stay awake on the way to the hospital,” she tweeted.

Although Johnson seems to have been the aggressor, some viewers of the video think Wrixon was the aggressor and that she was “asking for it.” To which she replied, “He pushed me first n my head hit.”

The video was originally posted online by Wrixon, but she later removed it at the request of her father, as she explained on Twitter.

Police reportedly were contacted after the video appeared online, but it is not known if any charges have been filed in the case.

Warning: This video contains strong language.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Twitter/Holly Wrixon via Daily Mail

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