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15-Year-Old NYC Girl Falls To Death Jumping From Building To Building

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A 15-year-old New York City teen was killed after falling to her death while trying to jump from one building to another on Jan. 15.

Natalia Jimenez was found in an alley in Manhattan after she and two of her friends spent time jumping rooftops. They reportedly jumped at least three buildings before turning around to go back to one of the previous rooftops. 

It was then that Jimenez slipped and plunged five stories down an air shaft.

She was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“It was a big thump,” resident Leslie Rodriguez told New York Daily News. “I thought someone had slammed the door. I ran down and saw someone lying there. She was in a crouch. It was horrible.”

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“My granddaughter was the best girl you got in New York,” grandfather Rosalino Mangano told PIX 11. Rosalino is the owner of a number of Famous Original Ray’s Pizza restaurants.

The girl’s mother, Agatha Mangano, is now demanding an investigation — telling New York Daily News that she doesn’t believe her daughter was on the roof.

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“She was afraid of heights,” Agatha said. “She'd never been on the roof here. She wouldn't even go on the fire escape.”

Agatha said she believes “foul play” was involved and wants “justice” for her daughter.

Sources: PIX11, New York Daily News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: New York Daily News, Daily Mail 

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