15-Year-Old Girl Claims She Needs Assault Weapons to Get College Scholarship (Video)


An unidentified 15-year-old girl gave testimony against proposed gun control laws in Maryland last week, reports FoxNews.com.

The video (below) of her testimony has gone viral with over one million views on YouTube.

She claimed that proposed gun laws would have banned semi-automatic assault weapons and therefore prevented her from getting a scholarship to a "decent school," but did not name which college gun clubs require assault weapon experience.

She testified to using a semi-automatic AR-15 at the gun club and owning a Bushmaster.

According to InfoWars.com, the young woman said she had started shooting guns at age seven and had been a member of the Maryland Rifle Club and Maryland State Rifle Team since she was 11.

“Achieving stricter gun control laws, would have obliterated any opportunity I could have had to attend a decent college on a shooting scholarship,” the young woman claimed.

Later, she added: “Ever since I first learned how to shoot, the issue with gun violence around the nation became clear: guns are not the problem, people are.”

“Purging our society of violence and murder cannot be done by gun-control legislation,” the young woman claimed.

However, no mainstream proponent of gun control has ever claimed that gun laws alone would ever "purge" society of "violence and murder."

“By signing this legislation, you are not signing away gun violence, but instead liberating American citizens of our constitutional rights," she stated.

Sources: InfoWars.com and FoxNews.com


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