15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Gang Raped on Carnival Cruise

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A 15-year-old girl was allegedly 'gang raped' on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas on August 16. A Florida man is being accused of leading the gang rape which included himself and four others. 

Casey Dickerson, 31, denies that he had raped anyone but admits that he provided alcohol to the underage group. He was arrested on Monday and is now being held in Orange County Jail for sexual assault, the Orlando Sentinel reported. 

The man had boarded the cruise with his wife on August 16. They had been upset about the room they booked due to noise issues and were given another room. They were allowed to keep the original one as well. 

It was in the original room that Dickerson held a small "party" which included four teenaged boys and two 15-year-old girls. 

The girl who claims to have been raped said the incident happened when her friend was "held inside the bathroom." She said that she was raped continuously by Dickerson and the boys. 

They allowed the girls to leave eventually. The girl received a medical evaluation afterward where she told authorities that Dickerson had encouraged the boys to take part in the rape. She also explained that Dickerson gave her so much alcohol that she was completely helpless during the ordeal. 

Dickerson said that he didn't rape her, but admits he had sex with other women while on the cruise. 

The teenage boys weren't charged. The case is being reviewed for possible juvenile charges. 

Carnival said it is "fully cooperating with law enforcement officials as the investigation continues." 

Dickerson will stay in jail until his trial.

Apparently, he is not upset about the vacation experience, saying that "the cruise was great itself." 


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