15-Year-Old Girl Added To Audrie Pott Teen Suicide Lawsuit


The family of a 15-year-old California girl who committed suicide after three boys allegedly sexually assaulted her and circulated photos of the abuse online has added another one of her classmates to a lawsuit they filed following the incident.

Audrie Pott hanged herself in September. Her family filed a lawsuit in April against the three boys and the adult couple, Michael and Sheila Penuen, who owned the home where the alleged assault took place. A 15-year-old girl has now also been named in the suit.  

Prior to her death, Pott claimed that while she was attending a party at the home of the Penuens while they were out of town, the boys off her clothes and sexually assaulted her, including writing and drawing on intimate parts of her body and taking cellphone photos. Alcohol was involved.

She posted her feelings about what had happened on social media, Fox News reported.

"I have a reputation for a night I don't even remember and the whole school knows," she wrote in a Facebook message to a friend. "I cried when I found out what they did.”

The suit says that the new defendant was present in the room when the assault occurred and encouraged the boys "to expose and/or photograph and/or draw on Audrie's body."

Attorney Robert Allard initially sued the boys and the Penuens in Santa Clara County Superior Court, alleging battery, defamation, wrongful death and several other claims. The damages that the Potts are seeking are unspecified. The boys have also been charged with sexual battery, dissemination of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Sources: Fox News, The New York Daily News


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