15-Year-Old David Nuno Dies from Playing Popular YouTube "Pass Out" Game

A teenage boy died while attempting to play the "pass out" game that he and his friends learned about on YouTube. After successfully passing out, the 15-year-old landed on a drinking glass which slashed his neck and severed his cartoid artery. 

David Nuno was in his bedroom with a group of friends in his Chula Vista, California home, according to The Daily Mail. Once the boy was cut, he managed to walk downstairs to his father for help around 7pm on Tuesday night. 

His father held a towel to the injury until an ambulance arrived.

Paramedics performed CPR on the boy upon arrival. He was then taken to Rady Children's Hospital where he died. 

After investigating the incident, police determined that David and his friends were watching YouTube videos which included instructions on how to pass out in a type of hyperventilation game. 

"The victim apparently did what was in the video, fell forward and landed on a drinking glass on the floor," said Chula Vista Police Captain Gary Wedge. 

The "pass out" game has become popular and widely known among teenagers. 

In 2010, two teen girls attached cord to their necks to deprive themselves of oxygen, but accidentally hung themselves to death. 

A study published in 2012 estimated that one in 16 teens in Oregon had experimented with the "pass out" or "choking game." 

Many have described the game as producing a "high" or "euphoria" after the pressure is released from the person's neck. 

People have sought highs from asphyxiation before, but this game has gained popularity in children with its presence on YouTube. 

Psychiatrist Daniel Cowell said parents and kids should be aware of how dangerous the game is. 

"Children think it's safe," said Cowell, "it's far from safe."

After David's death, his friends have expressed their awareness of the danger the game can produce. 

"It's not a game. It's really serious," said David's friend Hazel Valenzuela. "We can use it as an example that something so little can turn into something really horrible." 

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