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15-Year-Old Dies While Saving His Twin Brother From Armed Robbers

Three days before he would have celebrated his 16th birthday, a teenager from Chicago was reportedly shot and killed Saturday while trying to save his twin brother from robbers demanding his winter coat.

Demario Bailey, who attended Johnson College Prep and whose mother was a member of the PTA, had only recently been given permission to walk unescorted with his brother Demacio to their school, which is located in Englewood, a notoriously rough neighborhood, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Four suspects reportedly approached the twins as they were headed to Demacio’s basketball practice at around 12:40 p.m. They were ordered to “give it up” and their pockets were searched.

Demario reportedly shouted, “Get off my brother,” and the two put up a fight, which resulted in Carlos Johnson, 17, allegedly shooting Demario in the chest and killing him, reports the New York Daily News. When the shot went off, the suspects and Demacio fled, the latter believing his brother was right behind him.

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(Courtroom sketch of Carlos Johnson via CBS)

When he returned to the scene, a devastated Demacio reportedly found his twin lying face down under a viaduct.

“You hear all the time (after shootings) about, ‘This was a good kid,’” Jack Greenfield, a math teacher and football coach at Johnson said. “This was actually a legit good kid.”

Demario is being remembered as a favorite among his peers and teachers – an honor roll student who was an active participant in extracurricular activities and belonged to the football and basketball teams, as well as the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program and choir.

As for Demacio, a cousin named Faliata Holman told Fox 32 News he is “traumatized, traumatized” and added, “Can you imagine you’re walking with your brother one minute and the next minute your brother is laying on the ground?”

Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder and faces additional charges for his alleged involvement in two nearby robberies.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Fox 32 News/Photo Credit: YouCaring


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