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15-Year-Old Attacked During School Hours By Another Student, Suffers Concussion And Broken Collar Bone

Ethan Humphrey, 15, and his mother say they both live in fear after he was attacked by a fellow student at his school in Millington, Tennessee. 

According to his mother, the conflict began Thursday night when Ethan was surrounded by neighborhood boys after declining to play a game of football with them, WBTV reported. The attack occurred after Ethan supposedly used the N-word while repeating one of the boys, who said, "That [N-word] has my back."

Humphrey was beat up that night by the group of boys. Police officers told him to fight back, but he said that he didn't want to as he wouldn't want to risk being kicked off the football team, according to Humphrey's mother.

The next day, he was attacked in a classroom at Millington Central High School during his Geography class. The beating left Humphrey with a broken collar bone and a concussion after he was reportedly punched in the head twice and body slammed into a desk and on the floor. His attacker was allegedly one of the boys who fought him the night before.

"I cannot explain the way it makes me feel knowing my son is unprotected and has to go back to that school," Humphrey's mother told WBTV.

After the attack, Humphrey was reportedly placed in a wheelchair but never saw a school nurse. The school supposedly did not call an ambulance for him or provide him any medical attention.

Some of the students involved in the attacks are neighbors of the Humphrey family, so Humphrey's mother says they are living in fear of what might happen next.

Humphrey is reportedly home from the hospital and resting now. His mother will be coming to school with him when he returns Monday to figure out how to keep him protected in the future.

Sources: WBTV, WREG

Photo Credit: WBTV


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