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15-Year-Old Arrested with Military Rocket Launcher

KPIX-TV reports that an unnamed 15-year-old was arrested in Novato, California this week after police discovered a U.S. military issue rocket launcher in the backseat of the SUV that he was driving.

The unlicensed teen was alone in the SUV when a police officer spotted the AT4 rocket launcher during a traffic stop, Cpl. Nick Frey said. The weapon was unloaded.

The single-shot, recoilless weapon was developed in the early 1980s and is made in Sweden and the United States. It is often used in U.S. military actions in Iraq.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday for possession of a destructive device.

The teen’s classmates from San Morian high school told CBS News in San Francisco that the boy’s older sibling had served in combat, and some speculated that he may have brought the weapon home with him.

Police called the bomb squad from the University of California at Berkeley Police Department, which took possession of the rocket launcher and turned it over to a local military institution, Frey said.

Scott Bauer, deputy director of Marin County Library Services, said 50 people, including eight to 10 staff members, were evacuated from a local library.


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