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15-Year-Old Carjacking Suspect Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting, Indianapolis Police Say (Video)

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation into an Aug. 9 incident in which three officers fatally shot a 15-year-old carjacking suspect on the city’s northeast side (video below). 

In an interview with WISH News, Malonda Lamb, who said she is the victim’s cousin, said she wants anyone who saw the shooting to speak to authorities

“You saw something,” Lamb said. “You saw them shoot him, you saw them chase him, you saw something. Please come forward.”

Officers shot and killed Andre Green just after 11 p.m., reports WISH. Police say they identified a car Green was driving as a vehicle that had been carjacked earlier in the evening. Police say the suspects inside the car were believed to have fired shots at bystanders as the car pulled away form the alleged carjacking. 

An IMPD representative told WTTV News that police had begun to follow the car when it turned down a dead-end street. It was at the end of that street that, police say, the driver rammed the driver’s side of one police car. At some point multiple passengers jumped from the vehicle and fled the scene, according to police. It is those passengers that Lamb, and police, would like to come forward. 

The driver of the vehicle, who has since been identified as Green, reportedly ignored requests to exit the vehicle and is said to have tried, a second time, to ram officers. Three officers fired their guns at the car, hitting Green, who is said to have exited the vehicle and collapsed. A handgun was reportedly found near the teen’s body.

Medics arrived within 10 minutes and pronounced the teen dead, The Indianapolis Star reports. 

Police could not say if Green fired the gun or if he pointed it at officers, according to The Star. 

The officers have been placed on routine administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. 

“Unfortunately, nobody wins in this situation,” IMPD Officer Chris Wilburn told WISH. “The officers are traumatized, and there’s going to be a subsequent investigation, of course, and a family is going to get the very tragic news that their teenager is deceased.”

At a news conference on Aug. 10, IMPD Assistant Chief Lloyd Crowe said he believed the officer’s lives were in danger. 

Crowe, according to WTTV, said during the conference he didn’t want to provide details about Green’s criminal history since he was a juvenile, but did confirm he was wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring device at the time of the shooting. 

“There were demonstrations from his social media and other things that led us to believe this young man was going down the wrong path,” Crowe said. 

WISH reports the police cars on the scene were not fitted with dashboard-mounted cameras and officers were not wearing body cameras. Police said no one has come forward with cellphone video. 

But 29-year-old Allen Eaton said he watched the shooting incident unfold from a nearby street corner. Eaton told The Star he saw two passengers exit the car when it reached the dead end. When the driver tried to turn the vehicle around he backed into a police car. Eaton said the officers told Green to get out of the car, then opened fire. 

“He didn’t do nothing that made like he was threatening their life,” Eaton said.

Police declined to say how many shots were fired, The Star reports. 

Authorities said they asking that the passengers who ran from the vehicle come forward, but there is no active search to find them.

Sources: WISH News, YouTube, WTTV News, The Indianapolis Star / Photo credit: WTTV News


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