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15 Dogs And 4 Parakeets Rescued From Apartment During Drug Investigation (Video)

Fifteen dogs and four parakeets were rescued from a cramped and dirty one bedroom apartment in Lawrence, Massachusetts last week.

The apartment was originally the center of a drug investigation. The animals were discovered by undercover narcotics agents, My Fox Boston reported. The MSPCA said the dogs were part of an unlicensed breeding operation.

The dogs were mostly Yorkipoos with the exception of one elderly Chihuahua. They ranged in age from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Seven of the pups will remain in foster care until they are ready to be adopted. The eight adult dogs are ready for homes. MSPCA-Nevins Farm Director Mike Keiley said they are looking for owners who will have the patience to deal with the dogs who “have never known the world outside the apartment in which they lived.”

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Keiley said the dogs will “need additional training to walk on a leash and to learn basic skills.”

The MSPCA is also trying to find the parakeets homes. The shelter already houses about 49 homeless birds.

Neighbors said they never saw the dogs outside and were shocked to hear about the drug investigation.

“She was always to herself,” one neighbor told My Fox Boston of the owner. “Should [sic] wake up around 5 and get everything set and always come out smoke a cigarette and have coffee. Is very social and will talk to everybody.

“That's really surprising,” the neighbor added. “I would've never thought they did that.”

The owner is not facing animal cruelty charges, but drug charges are expected. The investigation is ongoing.

Sources: My Fox Boston, MSPCA

Photo Credit: My Fox Boston


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