14-Year-Old Turns in His Father After Teen Friend Claims He Raped Her During Sleepover

A teen boy called the cops on his ex-convict father after his 14-year-old female friend claimed he raped her at get-together at his house.

Ryan Stout, 38, from Florida, has been arrested and charged with child abuse and sexual battery without force, reports Daily Mail. The victim says she went to the suspect’s house over the weekend to watch movies with his son and another friend. The father, who has racked up fraud charges and was arrested in October for violating his probation, reportedly drove his son and his friends to a liquor store and purchased cotton candy-flavored vodka and beer for them, according to police.

Later that evening, Stout’s son and the other friend allegedly left the house to grab food. During that time, the victim says Stout took the intoxicated teen into his bedroom and raped her, reports Click Orlando.

The girl confessed what had happened to Stout’s son and he reportedly called his father on the phone to question him. His father told him he didn’t know what he was talking about and hung up on him, according to police.

The teen then called police from a friend’s house to report his father.

One neighbor says Stout just moved into his home a few months ago and that he always seemed like an unassuming character.

“(He’s a) very nice guy,” neighbor Carlton Phillips said. “From the first time I met him he’s a very, very nice guy; I got no problem with him.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Click Orlando

Photo Credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Volusia County Sheriff's Office


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