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14-Year-Old Rape Survivor Allegedly Forced To Strip At Police Station In India (VIDEO)

Police who were supposed to be assisting a 14-year-old rape survivor in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, allegedly made her strip in order to prove that she was sexually assaulted.

The girl said that a male officer told her to take off her clothes so that he would be convinced “that her allegations of rape were genuine and not concocted.” The alleged incident occurred when the girl went to the police station with her parents to report that she had been raped by a local resident and officers refused to process her report.

“He took me into a room and closed the door and asked me to remove my clothes,” the girl stated in a complaint that she has filed against the police station, The Huffington Post reported.

The officer in question, Jais Raj Yadav, is under investigation. It has also been reported that the alleged rapist has been arrested.

Regardless of what happens in this case, there is little doubt that rape and sexual assault are significant problems in India. According to data from India’s National Crime Records Bureau, it is believed that a woman is raped every 20 minutes in the country.

A video about the story is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostYouTube


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