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14-Year-Old May Need Surgery After Fight At School

A young teenager may need surgery after punched in the face by a classmate twice her size.

Sarah Boyce, a 14-year-old freshman, had to visit a plastic surgeon and eye specialist after she was punched in the face during a fight at Williamsport Area High School in Pennsylvania, reports WNEP News. She may need surgery to repair the bones that are broken in her face.

"Underneath my eye, my nose, and this area right here is broke," Sarah said.

According to authorities, the fight between Boyce and a male freshman classmate was caught on security cameras.

"I chased after him, reached to attempt to grab him to stop him, and he reached around and hit me,” Boyce recalled.

"This isn't OK regardless of what went on for things to get to any sort of point,” said Sheri Andy, Boyce’s aunt. “This is not OK. It's not OK for a young boy to put his hands on a young girl.”

Boyce’s mother said that the incident originally started with an argument that occurred on the school bus. 

"A bunch of him and his friends started teasing my friend,” Boyce explained. “I was already in a bad mood at that point and I told them to let it go.”

According to the school district, medical care was provided at the school, Boyce’s family was contacted, police were informed of the incident, and disciplinary measures will be taken pending results of the investigation. Andy stated that the family plans to press full charges against the student.

"I'm scared, honestly,” Boyce said. “I'm terrified even to be in school because I don't know what he is capable of. I don't know people he knows. I'm terrified for my life.”

In October 2015, another high school fight made headlines when a student resource officer punched a 16-year-old student in the face. KFOR News reports that the Oklahoma officer was placed on restrictive leave and the student was charged with disorderly conduct.

Sources: WNEP News, KFOR News / Photo credit: WNEP News

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