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14-Year-Old Kid Gets Big Surprise After He Asks Man To Buy Him Cigarettes (Photo)

A British guy’s brilliant response to a kid who asked him to buy him cigarettes is quickly going viral.

While shopping at a Tesco grocery store, Stanley Kaye says a teen approached him outside asking if he would buy him a 10 pack of Richmond cigarettes. Kaye says that he was annoyed by how arrogant the kid was, so in that moment, he knew what he would do.

“Never thought this would happen but it did! Little 14-year-old nugget outside Tesco asked me to get him 10 Richmond, handed me a load of 20 (pences) and 10 (pences),” Kaye wrote on Facebook, noting his distaste for the piles of coins as well as the request. “You should have seen his face when I handed him these (Richmond sausages) and said, 'they only do packs of eight, mate.’”

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The Mirror notes that Richmond cigarettes and Richmond sausages are two different brands that just happen to share the same name. Needless to say, Kaye’s response to the teen was well received by social media, as it has quickly gone viral, but it appears the kid was not laughing.

“Got some abuse but so bloody worth it,” Kaye said, “teach that little twat a lesson!”

Sources: MirrorStanley Kaye/Facebook

Photo Source: Stanley Kaye


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