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Massachusetts Teen Took To Social Media Moments Before Fatal Snorkeling Accident (Video)


A Massachusetts girl took to social media moments before she died while snorkeling with her father on July 15.

The incident occurred on Narragansett, Rhode Island after Maria Stanton, 14, headed out to go spear fishing and snorkeling with her father, Jeremy, Patch reported.

The Southfield, Massachusetts, girl took a video via the photo sharing app Snapchat (video shown below). The video includes her smiling face as she chews a piece of gum. On the screen with her, she drew a red smiley face as she wore a wetsuit with the ocean in the background.

Tragedy soon struck when her body was pulled from the water a few hours later.

Emergency response workers searched for her body for over two hours before they finally discovered her body caught in the crevasses of the ocean’s shelf.

After being pulled from the water, medical personnel rushed her to the hospital. It was too late, however.

Family friend Julie Anna Bishop took to YouTube to voice her opinions on Stanton's life.

“Doing something she loved with one of the greatest loves of her life,” Bishop said. 

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She added, “Celebrating her - her talent, her ‘beingness’ and all she has given each of us and the world.”

The area in which Stanton and her father swam is known for its dangerous conditions, according to Patch. The granite shelf that runs along the coast cause the waves to act in an unpredictable manner, and they often sweep people into the ocean if they stand too close to the edge.

“We lose people pretty much every year off of these rocks,” said Narragansett Police Chief Dean Hoxsie.

“Maia was an incredibly luminous soul with so much love and talent to share with the world,” said Bishop. “She made everyone she interacted with feel special, seen and heard.”

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She continued: “In her brief lifetime, on the cusp of turning 15, she has impacted more lives than many do in a lifetime. Please join me in weeping for her loss and the loss of those who loved her dearly, sending comfort, love, and light to each and everyone who loves her and has been blessed by her presence in their lives.”

Source: Patch, YouTube

Photo Credit: Patch


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