Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Kills Mom's 'Abusive' Boyfriend


Police are charging a fourteen-year-old Oklahoma girl as an adult for killing her mother's boyfriend, who was allegedly abusive.

Makayla Dawn Brown is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Mario Smith Sr., 45, on April 19, the Daily Mail reports.

Police say they found Smith's dead body on his kitchen floor two days after the shooting.

While her mother, Tysa Brown, was present, Tysa was allegedly not involved in the crime. Nor was Alexis Terry, a friend of the mother’s who says she witnessed the crime.

"When Mario was shot, [the victim’s cousin Merrill] Carter could hear Tysa yelling and crying and he saw she was visibly upset," an Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation affidavit said, reports. "Carter didn’t think Terry had anything to do with Mario’s death either." 

Tysa and Makayla spent approximately fours hours at Smith's house before the teenager found Smith’s caramel-colored gun, which she used to kill him.

"Terry and Tysa drove over to Mario’s residence to check on Mario," the affidavit added. "Tysa had been in a relationship with Mario, but hadn't heard from Mario in quite some time. Terry reported that evening, she and Tysa both had a bad feeling about Mario, like something was not okay with him,” the affidavit said.

“Mario (the victim) was on the west side of the kitchen bar and was searching for his ‘stash.’ Terry saw Mario bend down.  At the time Mario bent over, Terry saw Makayla pull out the caramel-colored gun and shoot Mario in the head,” the affidavit added.

Makayla explained to authorities she shot the man because he reportedly hit her mother on the head with a gun at one point in the past.

Terry backs up Makayla’s story that Smith had been physically abusive.

Yet another woman described the incident in a different light, claiming Makayla was laughingly “bragging” about killing Smith two days after the shooting.

Authorities say they are currently investigating these claims.

Smith died one day before he was due to appear in court for a myriad of felonies related to assault and battery, firearms, and drugs.

Sources: Daily / Photo credit: Google Maps via Daily Mail

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