14-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped, Burned Alive When She Threatened To Tell


A 14-year-old girl in northern India was gang-raped by three men and set on fire when she threatened to identify her attackers.

The teen later died in a hospital, after suffering burns on 80 percent of her body.

Her father says she was walking with her sister in Orai , when he sister left to use the bathroom. When the three men saw the 14-year-old was alone, they attacked her, drug her to a secluded place and raped her.

The Times of India identified the main attacker as a “local goon” named Ram Bahadur.

The attackers set her on fire and warned her sister to keep her mouth shut. Her sister immediately ran to a nearby village for help.

Police superintendent Lallan Singh said the girl died later Tuesday night.

Her father says local police would not report his complaint against Bahadur, but a senior police officer told the Times of India that an investigation was underway. Singh said raids are underway to capture the three alleged rapists.

Sources: Times of India, Fox News


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