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2-Month-Old Baby 'Intentionally Drowned' By 14-Year-Old Girl

A 14-year-old girl from Dallas faces capital murder charges after police say they believe she drowned a 2-month-old baby inside of an apartment building on Monday morning.

Police reportedly responded to an incident at 6:20 a.m. Monday at the Red Bird apartment complex and discovered the dead infant, Justice Hull, with two teenagers. The adult primary caretaker had just left for work, according to police.

Dallas Police Major Robert Sherwin says the 14-year-old may have “intentionally drowned” the baby, while the other teen was likely a witness and not involved in the crime, reports Fox 4 News.

The infant’s biological mother is reportedly incarcerated and the child was in the care of Child Protective Services, which reportedly placed the baby in the home where the tragedy occurred.

Police initially believed the teen and infant were related, but later confirmed that the suspect was the daughter of a family friend who had been put in charge of caring for the baby, reports Yahoo News.

The young teen may reportedly be charged as an adult.

Sources: Fox 4 News, Yahoo News

Photo Credit: matthewreid/Flickr, Steve Johnson/Flickr


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