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14-Year-Old Finds Nude Photos On Her Newly Refurbished Sprint Phone

Finding nude photos on a teenager’s phone can alarm parents for many reasons, but when 14-year-old Molly Hall of Davison, Michigan, discovered racy images on her newly refurbished Sprint HTC One M8, her parents were upset for an unusual reason.

To start with, the phone was filled with photos of another couple.

"My daughter, I feel like her innocence was taken away because of this," Donovan Hall told WJBK. "It was a couple together, it was their personal photos,” he said. "And they don't want their personal photos out there."

"You try to shield your kids from that crap and it just pops up," Lindsey Rusk, Molly’s mother, added.

Molly first received the phone as a Christmas gift, but it wasn’t working so her parents returned it to Sprint and received a refurbished one last week. She was upset by the images on her phone and immediately deleted them. 

"I saw the new stuff and I was like, 'What is this?'" Molly said. "It was gross, I was very mortified." 

"I was so ticked off, so ticked off,” Lindsey said. "My daughter called me crying when she saw it and this was supposed to be a Christmas present, not a disaster.”

Donavan first bought the phone at Fast Wireless in Davison. A district manager from the Davison store told WJBK Sprint is investigating what happened. He said another Sprint store sent the phone to Davison, but no one from that store had access to the phone.

Molly’s parents are considering legal action against Sprint.

Source: WJBK Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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