14-Year-Old Fights ISIS On Mount Sinjar


As the battle between the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) and peaceful residents of the Middle East rages on, everyone is taking a stand on the front lines - including youths. Haydar, 14, is a Yazidi boy who’s fighting against ISIS on the front lines.

In a video recorded by the BBC, Haydar explained how he feels fighting in Mount Sinjar, where many have fled to escape ISIS. However, the people there are trapped on the mountain by the ISIS.

“Our aim is to liberate Sinjar from the Islamic State,” he said. “I’m not afraid. Who are they? They are all monsters.”

Haydar left school in order to help the cause.

“I miss my school, but now is not the time for school… we should learn how to use weapons,” he said. His father, who is also fighting in Mount Sinjar, taught him how to use a gun before Haydar went to fight terrorists. “My dad taught me how to use a weapon. I learned how to shoot a gun and did some training,” he said. 

He also expressed the need for international aid. “I want the United States to help us with weapons,” Haydar said. The US and Britain have not provided aid to the area in four months, although many people are still stranded in the region. 

Haydar’s parents are well aware he’s fighting, but his family has been separated in the conflict.

“My dad is here and my mom is in Chelmera, another town,” he said. “I miss my sisters and mom a lot. I wish they were here as well.”

Source: BBC Image via  BBC


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