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Teen Fatally Stabbed By Classmate Outside Of Bronx School (Video)

An incident involving two 14-year-old boys and a knife in the Bronx left one dead and one facing murder charges.

14-year-old Timothy Crump was pronounced dead at the hospital after witnesses say he was stabbed to death by classmate Noel Estevez. According to reports, Estevez was relentlessly bullied by Crump. The gruesome murder happened outside of their school on Morris Avenue.

“I just seen two people, they were just fighting,” a student witness told CBS 2 News. “There was two people fighting and one just pulled out a knife and stabbed him. He stopped, and he went back, and he just dropped to the floor and started bleeding. And then the security guard and all of them just came and tried to help him, and they brought the boy with the knife into the school.”

Crump was rushed to the hospital after witnesses attempted to help stop his bleeding. Unfortunately, he died of cardiac arrest.

Estevez reportedly told those around him that for a long time now, Crump and others had been mercilessly bullying him. An incident a few weeks ago in which the now deceased teen allegedly jumped and robbed Estevez sparked the bullied boy to stab his bully in order to protect himself.

“Timothy is one of the kids that is constantly bullying Noel,” Estevez’s neighbor Stephany Arroyo said. “[He would say] things like, ‘Ha ha, your mom’s a crackhead, you’re stuttering, you don’t got no food stamps, you’re mom’s locked up.’ They [would] come on skateboards and sit in front of his building and scream up, ‘We’re going to get you!’ Every day they would come.”

Estevez allegedly tried to kill himself a few weeks ago after the bullying became unbearable. Reports also claim that he was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Following the gruesome murder, Estevez was promptly arrested and charged, as an adult, with murder. Crump’s family says that instead of planning for the 14-year-old’s eighth grade graduation, they now have to plan his funeral.

Sources: New York Daily News, CBS New York, New York Post

Photo Source: New York Daily News


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