14-Year-Old Faces Felony Charge For Poisoning Teacher's Water With Hand Sanitizer

The advice to never leave your drink unattended holds true in the classroom. A 14-year-old from Florida was arrested for allegedly poisoning his teacher’s drink with hand sanitizer.

It all started when a school administrator visited teacher Ana Morejon’s classroom on Tuesday at Morejon’s request, according to Polk County news channel News 13. The teacher was trying to resolve an issue with another student, a girl who was consistently breaking the rules by using her cell phone in class.

Morejon and the administrator left the classroom together to speak while the class lined up for lunch.

One student, however, stayed behind.

Slipping to his teacher’s desk, the boy opened his teacher’s capped water cup and allegedly pumped two doses of hand sanitizer from the bottle that was sitting next to it. Two students reportedly witnessed the act.

The boy then swirled the cup to mix the hand sanitizer and left the room with the rest of the class. The administrator led the class to lunch as Morejon remained in the classroom. 

Sipping her water, she noticed the strange, flowery taste, confirming that the beverage was tainted on a second sip.

Soon police were interviewing the boy, after the teacher told the administrator and the two witnesses came forward. The perpetrator reportedly tried to pass off his actions as an accident, but the truth was soon revealed.

The teenager has been charged with poisoning an individual’s food, water or medicine with intent to injure or kill, a first-degree felony charge. He will soon have to appear in court.

The story resembles another recent incident in the U.K., in which a gang of 10-year-olds known as the “Mafia” tried to poison a teacher’s coffee with bleach.

Sources: News 13


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