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Parent Puts An End to 14-Year-Old Kid's Joy Ride

An unidentified 14-year-old boy recently took his grandfather's car on a joyride that turned into a bizarre police pursuit in Syracuse, Utah.

A cell phone video (below) shot by a witness shows the teen driving the car through a park filled with children on Saturday, noted

After the grandfather reported the car stolen to the police, a tipster spotted the vehicle, but the young driver was able to evade police after hearing an All-Points Bulletin (APB) for himself via a police scanner app on his phone.

Children and parents ran out of the way as the teen sped through the grassy park, while police temporarily dropped their pursuit for safety reasons, reports Fox 13 Now.

After the boy left the park, it appeared that he might try the same stunt again. That is when an unidentified parent got in his truck and smashed the car head on.

The teen was arrested and placed in a juvenile detention center while awaiting charges.

Sources: Mediaite.comFox 13 Now


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