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14-Year-Old Bully Violently Attacks Boy With Asperger's Syndrome

A Missouri teen who bullied a boy with Asperger’s syndrome admitted to a judge he punched, kicked and threw the boy on the ground head-first.

The incident occurred on Feb. 19 in the cafeteria of Liberty Middle School, in Liberty, Missouri. The unnamed boy attacked 12-year-old Blake Kitchen, KCTV reports.

Blake suffered a fractured skull, jaw and ear drum. He was also leaking spinal fluid after the attack and had blood coming out of his ears.

The boy’s mother, Destiny Kitchen, said the bully continued to beat her son, even after he blacked out.

“He doesn’t even remember any of that. I guess that was a blessing,” Destiny told KCTV a few days after the attack. “He was unconscious and doesn’t remember being violently attacked.”

“It’s sad he didn’t stop,” Destiny added. “Anytime they moved him he would vomit. Dry heaving constantly, just dry heaving.

“Him crying and saying it was so painful and he was afraid he was going to die. He was like ‘I don’t want to die.’"

The judge decided on March 12 the 14-year-old bully needs help. He was placed in the custody of the Missouri Division of Youth Services, which oversees juvenile delinquents.

Blake’s mother said it was hard for her to see the boy who brutally beat her son but she hopes he gets the help he needs.

The bully took full responsibility and regretted his actions, according to his attorney.

“My client is very sorry about what happened and so is his family,” Gregory Culotta, the boy’s attorney, told KCTV. “We feel for the victim in this case.

“I do also want to say my client was also the victim of some bullying at the school. He made some reports for that.

“Understand that my client was a victim too as far as the bullying. He wishes he could take it back, but he can’t.

“He is going to deal with the consequences and do the best he can when he goes to the division of youth services.”

Destiny said that Blake is doing better but still has a long way to go. The judge also told the bully that he was lucky Blake survived the attack.

The division of youth services will now determine the best treatment for the 14-year-old.

Source: KCTV 5

Photo Credit: Screenshot from KCTV 5


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