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14-Year-Old Boy In Serious Condition After Bullies Stuck Air Hose In His Rectum

An Italian teen who was bullied for being “too fat” is now in serious condition after his tormentors blasted him in the rectum with a compressed air hose.

The attackers allegedly forced the 14-year-old boy from Naples to pull down his pants and assaulted him with the kind of air gun used at a car wash.

One of the three attackers was 24 years old, according to the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The victim was hospitalized with lacerations to his intestines and serious bleeding.

The main attacker’s family claims the injuries were the result of a “stupid prank” gone wrong, New York Daily News reported.

“They’re all good kids who make fun of each other,” they told The Local. “They did not understand that the compressor, with that power, could do such damage. For them it was a game.”

The incident has sparked widespread outrage in the country. Activists are calling for tougher penalties on bullying.

"The violence suffered by the 14-year-old from Naples makes us cry and angry," Mario Campanella, the president of an anti-bullying organization said, according to The Local.

Campanella says 200,000 bullies go unpunished because of a lack of legislation.

Sources: New York Daily News, Corriere della Sera, The Local

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Laineema


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