14-Year-Old Boy Kills Two Men and Wounds Himself During Oregon Deer Hunting Trip


A 14-year-old boy was on a group hunting trip in the Blue Mountains of Oregon when he shot and killed two men, then accidentally shot himself.

The boy, whose name is not being released, reportedly shot and killed the two men while hunting for deer and then fled. While trying to run away, however, he apparently accidentally shot himself in the leg.

The boy then stopped running and headed back to the cabin to seek help from the rest of the group on the hunting trip. But instead of getting help, another member of the group held him at gunpoint, forced him to the ground, and taped him to a chair. The owner of the cabin apparently then drove into the small neighboring town of Granite to spread word of the shooting around 12:20 a.m. on Thursday.

Authorities arrived to the remote cabin in the mountains around 1 a.m., and the boy was taken to the hospital not long after. Police won’t discuss the details of the case, so it is not clear if the killings were intentional or accidental, as well as what the boy’s relationship to the two men was. Hospital officials also would not comment on the condition of the boy.

Police have yet to release the names of anyone involved, including the two men who were killed, aged 43 and 64, pending notification of the families.


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