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Father Calls Police After His Teenage Son Stumbles Upon Stash Of Weapons

A 14-year-old boy was searching for scrap metal when he discovered a massive stash of shotguns and ammunition, and now, police are investigating to figure out where the weapons originated.

According to reports, the unnamed boy went on a search for scrap metal at a local wasteland and discovered the numerous weapons and “15,000” rounds of ammunition wrapped in bags.

“My son phoned me up and said he’d found some bullets. I thought he meant old lead bullets that you can get some scrap money for,” the father of the boy told the Manchester Evening News. “At first I thought they were sledge hammers or baseball bats. I took it all home, then I saw the guns. I started panicking and just called the police. It was pretty scary.”

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Police say they have no idea where the stash came from or what it may have been used for, but they are currently trying to find answers.

“It is important to stress that from our initial inquiries we’ve established the guns have been there sometime and cannot be used or reactivated,” Detective Inspector Chris Flint said.

The father has asked that his name and his son’s name not be printed in fear that the weapons were disposed of after some sort of criminal activity and that someone will try to retaliate for the discovery.

Sources: The Blaze, Manchester Evening News

Photo Source: Manchester Evening News, Wikipedia


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