Teenager Reels In Massive Catfish


A 14-year-old boy got a holiday surprise when he was able to reel in a 208-pound, eight-foot-long catfish.

Sam Lee was reportedly fishing with his father when the monster fish grabbed hold of the live bait he had cast out to the water. For around 30 minutes, 14-year-old Sam put up an amazing fight against the massive fish, and even after the fish bolted 100 meters downstream, the teenager continued to hold on.

Incredibly, Sam was eventually able to reel in the fish and posed for pictures with it before releasing it back into the water.

“Sam certainly hit the jackpot with that monster,” Peter, Sam’s father, said following the catch. “He was exhausted but ecstatic after the fish was eventually landed, weighed and photographed. It was safely returned to the river and swam away in good health.”

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The proud father says that he and his son had an “amazing few days.”

“This was his third trip to the Ebro in search of giant catfish,” Peter explained. “The big one took 35 minutes to land and Sam had to be taken out in a boat by the guide from the swim to play and land it as it stripped 100m of line on its first big run. Sam did brilliantly to land it.”

Last year during the holidays, in the same exact stretch of river, Sam reportedly caught a 133-pound catfish and never expected to beat it.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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