14-Year-Old Jay Robert Parker Jr. Arrested for Drunken Driving

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A 14-year-old boy named Jay Robert Parker Jr. was caught driving drunk in South Dakota on Saturday. His father Jay Robert Parker, 49, was sitting next to him in the passenger seat, also intoxicated. 

The drinking duo were pulled over and arrested around midnight on August 5, reports TheDaily Republic. The arrest happened on Interstate 90 near Mount Vernon. The boy and his father are from Mitchell, about 14 miles east of where the incident occurred. 

Police received reports earlier in the night about an underage boy driving the vehicle and caught the two shortly after. 

Once police caught up with the vehicle, police officers noticed it was swerving around erratically. The policeman activated his lights and siren, but the boy didn't pull over for four miles.

After he finally pulled over, they discovered the young boy's blood-alcohol content was 0.165, twice the legal limit in South Dakota. He was arrested for drunken driving while his father was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Parker will appear in court later in the month. After he paid 10 percent of a $1,000 cash bond and enrolled in a state 24/7 sobriety program, he was released from jail.

Parker Jr. will also appear in court later in the month, and was released from jail after paying a $500 unsecured cash bond. 


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