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14 San Francisco Police Take Down, Detain One-Legged Man (Video)

Chaedria LaBouvier, who writes for Medium, filmed police taking down and detaining a one-legged black man, who may have been homeless, in San Francisco on August 4 (video below).

According to LaBouvier, some witnesses claimed that the police had been called about a man waving sticks, which were actually crutches.

LaBouvier says that police held the man down for at least 30 minutes, and there were at least 14 police officers involved in the incident, but most of the cops were trying to block bystanders from watching the incident.

The man surrendered his crutches to law enforcement, leaving him with his one leg and a prosthetic leg, both which were stomped on by police, according to LaBouvier.

The one-legged man was not charged with a crime, but LaBouvier notes that San Francisco Fire Department paramedics strapped the man on a stretcher and took him to a hospital against his will.

SFist reports that the man didn't appear to be injured.

The San Francisco Police Department has not issued a statement yet.

Sources: Medium,SFist / Photo Credit: Chaedria LaBouvier/YouTube Screenshot


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