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14 Cockfighting Suspects Arrested; Names, Addresses and DOB’s Published in Florida News

Acting on an anonymous tip on Saturday, Polk County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 4560 Boozer Road in Haines City, Fla., just before 4:30 p.m. There they found a cockfight in progress and 14 suspects on scene.

After calling in Agriculture Crimes deputies, a search warrant was obtained for the property. One suspect, Garcia-Rivera, was in possession of $680 in cash, the Daily Ridge reports. A large amount of fighting paraphernalia was located inside his vehicle. In addition, two firearms along with a large quantity of rooster fighting paraphernalia were located in three separate vehicles.

Inside the barn, deputies found two roosters in tied sacks to be weighed in preparation for a fight. A rooster bath, discarded spur packaging, sparring dummy, mole skin wrapping, syringes and a variety of medicines were also located on the property.

There were approximately 200 roosters, hens and chicks in cages in the barn.

The 14 suspects were each charged with Fighting and Baiting Animals, and Possession of Fighting Paraphernalia. 13 were booked into the Polk County Jail on Saturday, Nov. 17, except suspect Arnold Rodriguez, who complained of chest pains and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Continuing a new trend in full public disclosure of participants and spectators at blood sport events, following is the list of those arrested:

1. Noel Garcia Rivera, DOB 08/08/1973, 239 Magellan Drive, Kissimmee

2. Mario Antonio Guzman, DOB 05/29/1972, 634 Polynesian Court, Kissimmee

3. Gerardo J Ramos-Pamales, DOB 12/21/1980, 4503 Ross Lanier Lane, Kissimmee

4. Manuel Figueroa, DOB 03/13/1935, 4560 Carl Boozer Road, Haines City

5. Jaime Criado-Colon, DOB 07/29/1965, 3309 Baker Road, Haines City

6. Manuel Emil Contreras-Lorenzo, DOB 03/20/1981, 721 Euclid Avenue, Lake Wales

7. Rhadames Mora-Burgos, DOB 08/15/1978, 1026 Bice Grove Road, Hines City

8. Jose Antonio Ocasio-Ocasio, DOB 04/20/1956, 906 Cumberland Drive, Kissimmee

9. Arnold Rodriguez, DOB 08/17/1955, 342 Mystery House Road, Davenport (registered sex offender)

10. Jesus Santana-Ramirez, DOB 07/20/1935, 707 Fore Lane, Kissimmee

11. Mitchel Santana, DOB 03/27/1967, 707 Fore Lane, Kissimmee

12. Nelson A. Cordero-Nunez, DOB 06/26/1959, 3237 Fairhaven Avenue, Kissimmee (Dominican Republic entertainer – 1980s)

13. Joaquin Noel Abdon-Fernandez, DOB 12/31/1975, 8545 Wichita Place, Orlando

14. Juan Almanzar, DOB 02/14/1966, 627 Baldwin Circle, Kissimmee

Source: Daily Ridge


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