132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Discovered At Great Basin National Park (Video)


Employees at Great Basin National Park in Nevada were amazed when they discovered a 132-year-old Winchester rifle leaning against a juniper tree at the park, and now, they are trying to find out whom it belongs to.

Back in November, park archaeologists discovered the rifle leaning against a tree in a remote part of the park. Park employees say that it wasn’t discovered sooner because the weathered weapon blended into the tree so well.

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After it was discovered, experts determined that it was a model 1873 Winchester rifle, and although the serial number shows them that it corresponds with manufacturing and shipping records currently at the Center for West Cody Firearms Museum in Wymong that date back to 1882, they were unable to figure out who purchased it originally.

Officials at the park are currently looking through archives and family history records to try and figure out where the rifle came from. Currently, the 132-year-old weapon is being stabilized at a nearby conservatory and will be displayed at the park as part of their upcoming anniversary celebration.

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Sources:The Blaze, KSL / Photo Source: The Blaze 


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