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130 Vehicles in Massive Crash on Bridge (Video)

This morning, 130 vehicles were involved in a massive collision on a bridge in the county of Kent in the southern part of England.

According to the BBC, 60 people were injured, 35 needed hospital treatment and eight had serious injuries due to the massive pileup, which ambulance crews described as "horrendous scenes."

In a video (below) shot by the Associated Press, semi-trucks, cars and other vehicles closed down the bridge for more than nine hours. Firefighters had to get five motorists out of their vehicles.

According to witnesses, heavy fog made visibility very poor at the time of the crash, but some drives did not have their lights on.

The crash reportedly went on for at least ten minutes and started where traffic was coming off the bridge towards Sittingbourne, England.

The national speed limit is 70 mph.

Sources: Associated Press and BBC


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