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13-Year-Old's Nose Broken By Police During Interrogation for Crime He Didn't Commit

A 13-year-old boy in Waukegan, Illinois had his nose broken by police officers when he and another boy were arrested and interrogated for a crime they had no involvement in.

Police were apparently investigating a broken window at a nearby home when they were led to 13-year-old Jonathan Garcia and his friend, 14-year-old Giorgio Perez. The boys were taken to the police station where they were separately questioned about their involvement in the incident. The entire ordeal lasted about 10 hours.

Garcia says that police tried to get him to sign a confession paper, but he refused, so one officer took his cellphone and slammed in into the boy’s face.

"He hit me with his phone. He choked me. Grab me from my neck," said Garcia, who also claimed the officer banged his head into the wall. The boy was later treated for his injuries.

While Garcia was being questioned, Perez was in another room allegedly being threatened with time in juvenile detention. Reports claim that Perez was strip-searched.

Now, the families of Garcia and Perez are filing a lawsuit against the police department, saying that the two young boys were mistreated.

“This is an outrage,” said Garcia’s attorney Kevin O’Connor. “If officers are willing to beat a child into submission to get a confession, what will they do to an adult?”

"You've got a pattern of officers jumping around in Lake County to these various departments where you have the same officers repeatedly abusing people in different departments because there's no real action being taken," continued O'Connor.

Police say they are reviewing the complaint, and it’s been reported that neither boy has any criminal record.


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