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13-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Behaving Inappropriately On The Internet

Police arrested a 13-year-old girl in Texas over the weekend after she allegedly threatened to kill everyone in her town on Facebook.

The girl, who lives in Splendora, is facing a felony charge for making a terroristic threat, according to Officials said that the Facebook account through which the suspect allegedly threatened others was fake. The same report also notes that "threats were also made against a young boy in the community who is fighting cancer."

Police caught the suspect by using Facebook to track her. She was staying with relatives at the time.

“Kids are gonna be kids,” said Constable Kenneth Hayden with Montgomery County Precinct 4. “They’re going to make mistakes. This is a very serious mistake, and we’re hoping this person is gonna learn from this and be able to move on with her life.”

Police took some computers and from the family home to investigate.

Source:, Image Credit: Facebook


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